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Lots of people told me to start a blog. Share my experience as an HR expert and a Managing Director of a small company.

Good thinking, but where to start? How about following a course on blogging? That’s what I did.
I attended that Open Circles Master Class Blogging, and here are 13 things I’ve learned.

1. You need to have a business blog

It’s nice to have a personal blog, but in order to boost your business you need a business blog. A blog that is oriented to your target audience (your (future) customers).

2. Don’t make it a (personal) diary

Your target audience is not interested in reading what you ate this morning, or how late you got out of bed. This is not a diary, and certainly not a personal diary.

3. Blogging needs to be part of your marketing strategy

For many people marketing is a dirty word. However if you want to stay in business, marketing is of upmost importance. And Blogging is one of the ways to do marketing. So use it.

4. Blogging is a Long Term sustainable business building strategy

If you think that blogging will allow you to earn quick money, well then don’t start. Blogging will help boosting your business but it takes time & effort.

5. Your content needs to be valuable & relevant to your target audience

As mentioned before, your readers do not want to know that you went to Disneyland this weekend. Your blog is there to provide interesting information to your target audience so they learn something.

6.Give before taking

Everybody wants lots of readers and lots of comments. But if you want something you also have to give. So read blogs and post comments yourself.

7. Look for inspiration on Google, specific press, colleagues, blogs, forums

When I was thinking of starting a blog, I wondered, what the hell will I tell people. How can I be unique, innovative… Stop! You do not need to be. But be authentic.

8. Inform your entire network of your blog

If nobody knows about your blog, then how will they be able to read it? Spread the word.

9. Reward people who post comments on your blog

You can reward them with a simple “thank you” but there might be other ways to thank them. Be creative, but always link it to your expertise.

10. Moderate comments

We want to keep up the quality, right? So comments who do not belong on your blog, ban them! That does not mean you should ban all people who do not agree with your insight, it means you should not allow inappropriate language, etc..

11. Do not blog too often or too seldom

1 to 4 times per month is perfect

12. Do it in a consistent way

It’s not good to write 3 blogs in one week and then suddenly nothing for months. Be consistent. Choose the same day of the week.

13. Be patient!

I don’t know whether I’ll be able to stick to all these wise ideas, but let’s give it a try and we’ll see ..

What do you think? Did I forget something? Do you have an extra tip or insight?

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