We envisage a world where companies have forgotten about their HR worries and people have found fulfillment in their (professional) lives.


We help companies maximize their profitability and productivity by optimizing their human potential. We do this by giving HR-advice, via Training and coaching, and by implementing practical HR tools. Our approach is to-the-point and shows respect for the company, the individual and society. Enthusiasm and humour bring colour to our expert knowledge.


H : Humour

Don’t take yourself too seriously! We not only love humour, we think humour is important. Laugh and grow fat.

R: Respect

We work with respect for the individual, the company and its culture and for society.

V: Value

It is clear that we want deliver value to the people and organizations with whom we work. We never lose sight of the results to be obtained.

I: Integrity

We are an ethical company and it goes without saying that we prioritize the deontological code. Integrity is of utmost importance to us.

B: Balance

We have an eye for a healthy balanced company-individual-society. This means amongst others respect for the work/life balance.

E: Environment

We take great interest in the future of our children and planet. We have an environmental conscience.