Why us?

You’ll work with SPECIALISTS: we have lots of experience in HR and we have a large network of specialists we can bring in to manage your project.

Our approach is BASED ON PRACTICE: we will not overwhelm you with theoretical models. Our methodology may be based on theory, but it is tried and tested in practice. You can expect practical HR advice and concrete HR tools. Also our HR-training sessions pass that test.

Vision, mission and values


We envisage a world where companies have forgotten about their HR worries and people have found fulfillment in their (professional) lives.


We help companies maximize their profitability and productivity by optimizing their human potential. We do this by giving HR-advice, via Training and coaching, and by implementing practical HR tools. Our approach is to-the-point and shows respect for the company, the individual and society. Enthusiasm and humour bring colour to our expert knowledge.

About us

Hello, we are HR-Vibe!

Are you, as a Business or HR Manager, worried about your HR Management?

Are you, as freelance HR consultant or coach, looking for a new opportunity?

→ You are at the right address!

  • Are you struggling with certain HR challenges?
  • Are you worried about your employees? 
  • Could you use some HR advice or coaching?
  • You, as freelance coach or HR consultant, are struggling in finding your next assignment?

HR-Vibe helps companies and individuals to be successful by sharing our knowledge, experience and competences in HR and Personal Branding.

On our blog, you receive HR and Personal Branding tips & tricks, you get an idea of what courses and seminars we follow and what books we read. Please, do subscribe!

Looking for practical free HR-tools? Then you need to be here!

About you

  • Our payroll officer is going on maternity leave, can somebody replace her?
  • How do I have a HR strategy in line with the company strategy?
  • Career management, can somebody help me with this?
  • There is a conflict in one of my teams, how do we handle this?
  • We don’t have consistent job descriptions, now what?
  • My employee is leaving, how do I conduct an exit interview?
  • Where can I find good employees?
  • What questions should I ask during the interview?
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