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HR(-Vibe) Lifecycle

Lots of company leaders and HR Managers have questions about the different elements in the HR life cycle. We help them find the answers to these questions.

This is done by giving practical HR-advice, with which you can go to work yourself. We develop to-the-point HR-tools. Have a look at our free HR-tools in our TOOLBOX.

Do you feel the need for extra support and coaching, if so we are ready for you.

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  • Where can I find the right people?
  • How can I make my company more attractive on the labour market?
  • How do I draw up a vacancy description?
  • What profile and competencies do I need?


  • How do I select the right people?
  • What interview questions can I ask?
  • How do I measure competencies?


  • How do I draw up a work contract?
  • Do I have a checklist for the first days/weeks of my new employee?
  • Do we have an ‘induction program’?


  • How do I draw up a training plan for my employees or team?
  • What do I do with my high potentials?
  • What development path should I foresee for my managers?
  • Succession planning, where do I start?
  • How do I assess my employees?


  • How do I motivate my employees?
  • How do I handle a high absence rates?
  • How do I avoid high turnover?
  • What climate and culture do I want in my company?
  • “The new way of working”, where do I start?


  • Is my personnel administration correct?
  • Are the salaries paid on time and correctly?
  • Rewarding in a motivating way, how do you go about it?
  • How about employee insurance plans?
  • Is our car policy up to date with the new rules and regulations?
  • Shall I give lunch vouchers or an expense allowance?


  • My employee will retire soon, what do I do?
  • How do I conduct an exit interview?
  • How can I dismiss an employee in a respectful manner?
  • Shall we create an alumni group?


  • How do I draw up an HR strategy?
  • Is my HR strategy in line with my company strategy?
  • What KPI’s will I use in order to measure my HR management?