• Our payroll officer is going on maternity leave, can somebody replace her?
  • How do I have a HR strategy in line with the company strategy?
  • Career management, can somebody help me with this?
  • There is a conflict in one of my teams, how do we handle this?
  • We don’t have consistent job descriptions, now what?
  • My employee is leaving, how do I conduct an exit interview?
  • Where can I find good employees?
  • What questions should I ask during the interview?
  • The new way of working – what is it and how do I implement it in my company?
  • Could somebody help us with our personnel administration?
  • Who could help me designing, optimizing, implementing HR processes?
  • My HR manager is out for a while, how can I get a back-up?
  • Everybody is talking about talent management, where do I start?
  • How do I keep my employees motivated?
  • There’s considerable turnover in my company, how do I deal with this?
  • What’s the correct way to welcome my new employee?
  • There is no standardized evaluation process in our company, do we need this?
  • Isn’t it time to automate our HR processes?
  • We have a high absence rate, how can we solve this problem?
  • The new rules regarding car policies, who can help me with that?
  • How can we reward our employees in a motivating way?
  • I need an HR-coach, where can I find him/her?
  • Where can I find somebody who can help us in team coaching, teambuilding?
  • Who can teach my managers more (people) management skills?

You are not the only one struggling with these types of questions. We, at HR-Vibe, help our customers to find the answers.

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